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About Us

Who we Are

S-T-E-A-M is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM Interactive is a youth-led non-governmental organization that seeks to empower communities, schools and hubs to create safe spaces and resources for learners and teachers to learn, explore and discover the different areas.

Objectively, our programs are tailored to give opportunities to children and youths to develop 21st century skills such as; critical thinking, complex problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and digital literacy.

About Us

Our mission

To inspire curiosity and creativity in young minds through interactive technology that make them globally competitive

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Our vision

To create a world where every child loves to learn and is excited about exploring new ideas.

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Our key objectives

About Us

Whom we work with

We work with schools, communities and other institutions to provide the space and exposure to create tools, workshops, mentorship, resources and networks for the youths that promote science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) education. The ultimate goal is to equip the youth with the necessary skills and open opportunities to create problem solvers.

We seek to empower youth innovators and leaders in Africa that will tackle not only community challenges but also global challenges through a variety of programs. To achieve this, we offer personalized training in areas such as IoT and prototyping, mobile app development, robotics, web development, drone technology, digital and 3D fabrication as well as design thinking.

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What it means

Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) remains a key enabler in the attainment of the country’s long term blue print, Vision 2030 as well as the Africa’s agenda 2063. The realization of the SDGs and the economic sustainability is anchored on active participation of youth, in national development and growth.

We strive to implement youth-oriented Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) programs in line with the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) to build their capacity in: technical, employable digital literacy skills and critical 21st century competencies. The technical capacity gained through hands-on learning and training in design thinking, entrepreneurship, digital citizenship and ability to envision a future world will help the learners and youths identify their role in building the world they love.

About Us

The inspiration

In 2019, the Lemelson foundation gave an opportunity for a few teachers and trainers in Kenya to undertake a training in Invention Education.
This was implemented in particularly chosen lowly resourced schools within the Kenyan capital. Having been part of the team of trainees who successfully completed the 8 – month long training, I felt that this is one of the most crucial and transformative trainings especially for the best outcomes in the education sector. This dream came true as we teamed up with my colleagues to form STEAM Interactive Global. The desire to inculcate a practice of creation, innovation and problem-solving skills among learners and teachers could only come true at this time.

Mr. Mwanduka makes a presentation during the launch of Invention Education program at the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology education in Africa, CEMASTEA
Mr. Simba and Mr. Mwanduka make a presentation at the Nairobi Innovation Week, Nairobi

About Us

Our focus Areas

Through a variety of tailor-made programs and activities, we engage in;