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Robotics for Good

Do you have a team that would want to showcase their great coding skills? Well, we have an upcoming opportunity for them to participate in global robotics competitions. We are organizing The Robotics for Good challenge in collaboration with ITU.

Robotics for Good Challenge is an UN-based educational robotics championship that each year is inspired on a global challenge in relation to which robots offer practical solutions to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Participants design, build and program a robot that completes a mission based on one of these goals. While learning robotics and coding, students gain more than just technical know-how, but also vital working-life and future skills, including but not limited to teamwork, problem-solving, project management, critical thinking, and information retrieval.

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The Kenya Science and Engineering Fair

This is a platform where students design, prototype and present unique solutions to existing problems. It takes place annually and we are glad to support schools in different areas such as sciences, mathematics, applied technology and robotics. The competition has been successful and provides a very unique space for students to embrace technology and solve real challenges beyond the classroom.

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Scratch Day

Scratch is a visual high-level programming language where learners can get to easily understand concepts like flow, loops and conditions. Learners can create great projects such as animations, stories, games or even videos that can be used to create awareness on important matters in the society today. In Kenya, coding is included as a strand in Science and Technology done in grade 5. We will set up a competition of a kind, where learners will create different projects, interact and share their ideas as they learn from each other. This is tentatively slotted for the long holidays so as to allow as many students to participate.

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Innovation Challenge

To foster creativity and innovation, we will be organizing an Innovation challenge in August 2024 where participants will be allowed to design, build and present solutions on different areas picked on pressing needs in Kenya and also with consideration to the advancing needs to avert climate change, reduce poverty and improve education. It will be a great opportunity as the same shall be presented on different platforms and also supported through our Tech-innovation labs