STEAM Interactive



Screen-free coding

This is the best way for kids to start coding. Through a variety of activities, we engage kids to build their creativity and cognitive intelligence at very early ages

  • Building blocks for shape recognition

We have plenty of resources made out of safe materials that help the kids differentiate shapes and count. Our tools help the kids by reading out the names of the particular shapes.

  • Pixel drawing

Understanding how to build a large unit from a small part not only blows up creativity but also builds critical reasoning as well as nurture systematic thinking. We challenge kids to build familiar objects and letters from blocks. This is an important step to help them understand and appreciate the coding process.

  • Puzzle games

After recognizing shapes, it is time to play the jig-saw. Let the kids build critical thinking and problem solving skills seamlessly by playing with our puzzle blocks that represent familiar items that help them know their environment better.

  • Coder bot challenge

At the third stage, kids learn how to arrange physical cards to create meaningful codes that are read and completed by small robots. The climax is navigating challenges on a mat using the different techniques learnt.


On-screen coding

From beginners level to advanced level with block-based programming. Through this course, we take the minds of learners to the next level

  • Creative stories and animations with Scratch

Kids turn their brilliant ideas into real stories. The real life events unfolding in a great animation made using Scratch blocks. Not only is this a great foundation but also encourages collaborative learning and shared experiences

  • Physical and interactive computing with Makey Makey

Did you know the world is a your construction kit?

Check around you and create what you can imagine of. The Makey Makey brings to you a 1000s of possibilities, an unlimited space to create and innovate while still learning the very vital basics of circuitry and computing. That said, it is compatible with countless coding platforms and will make use of anything around you.

  • Interactive projects with the Micro: bits (Python)

Experience the small yet powerful Micro: bit. The Micro: bit comes packed with great features including a LED display, control buttons, built-in LED display, Bluetooth communication and a motion sensor. It makes kids recognize the power of technology in the real world. With this tiny board, you can only be spoilt for choice on the number of projects and you can do. It is an easy way to transition to textual programming.

Python text and visual programming ready
Applied in countless areas
  • Game development with the Game lab
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Mobile app/Web development

Transition from visual programming in style; block-based platforms and textual programming

  • Introduction to UIs with online coding platforms
  • Working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Developing interfaces with App inventor
  • Creating with Kodular/ FlutterFlow



Choose what you desire, you are in control;

  • Robotics systems and components
  • Robot design and controls
  • Sense perception and autonomous decision making
  • Teachable machines and analysis


3D Design and fabrication