STEAM Interactive



We make use of a beginner-friendly coding platform where coders can learn multiple languages and practice different activities:


Scratch curriculum

Beginner friendly

Now with AI



Venture into web development in style. Build simple sites in steps with easy drag and drop interface. It can never be more fun!



Coding is a journey that never stops. Enjoy coding in JS using our platform.
The following activities will help students build their confidence;

  • Creating UIs for apps
  • Developing simple programs for various phone sensors
  • Building frameworks for apps and websites


Py/JScript with the Bits

The world of coding has unlimited possibilities and an ever open sky for creation and imagination. Enjoy broad yet smart tools such as the Micro: bits to take your ideas to the next level

  • Work with built-in sensors; accelerometer, compass
  • A tiny but powerful processor
  • Compatible with almost every other platform of your choice
  • Create and see your idea practically in minutes



Being versatile is critical to coders. They’ve got to learn and advance with each passing day. Python lets coders focus on their unique area. Delve into structural, object-oriented and functional programming on Python. All this through a well structured and progressive approach with embedded systems:

  • Microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi, Espressif processors
  • Micro: bit devices
  • IoT and automation solutions



Jog your mind further with the C family. Whether it is some good games, applications or just a leisure project on automation, we got you covered. We use physical simulations to help coders understand basic syntax and advance together.