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A step in the right direction

With only 1 year, the following achievements can only make us stronger and more resilient to tighten our belts for the climb ahead

Advanced coding curricula

Scratch curriculum

Now with AI

A step in the right direction

All-in-one coding platform

The easiest way to do something is just to do it. We spent a better part of the year trying to put everything crucial together to create a block-based coding platform. There is no more rocket science about it, learners can now drag and drop color-coded blocks to write amazing programs and build great projects. Yes, no previous coding experience required, you learn everything on the go! All popular languages in one place

A step in the right direction

Holiday boot camps

You won’t know if you are doing it right unless you take a test. This was our motivation as we set up long holiday camps at our hub. Across the holidays in April, August and December, we held coding and robotics bootcamps to have the kids practice and resources as we took their feedback to make our efforts yield more.

  • April coding boot camp
  • August robotics and coding boot camp
  • December holiday coding boot camp

A step in the right direction

The Africa Science Week

This is an annual event organized by the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and Next Einstein Forum. The goal of this program is to promote the discovery of science and technology in Africa, and globally, and encourage youths, women, refugees, people with disabilities and other marginalized groups to participate in coordinated science events across the continent. We were privileged to facilitate robotics at the week-long event through a collaboration with NEF ambassadors.

A step in the right direction

The Nairobi Innovation Week

The Nairobi City County organized for a program to have kids and teens exposed to upcoming technologies, coding and robotics. This was in efforts to encourage students to take up STEM courses and have first-hand experience on practical technology. The attendees got a chance to interact with amazing technology and create own projects from their ideas. We took part in facilitating coding and robotics and it was much fun!

A step in the right direction


CEMASTEA is a public institution under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST). Its mandate is to build the capacity of mathematics and science teachers for effective classroom practices not only in Kenya but also in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the December holiday, CEMASTEA organized a coding and robotics residential and non-residential boot camp for students to learn programming fundamentals. The CEMASTEA boot camp organized with her partners covered Creative coding, Robotics, Mobile App Development, 3D Design/Graphic Design, Maths & Science Innovations.  This 4th boot camp was themed: “Igniting the Future: Inspire, Imagine, and Innovate”

The camp was officially opened by the by Chief Executive Officer, CEMASTEA, Mrs. Jacinta Akatsa represented by Deputy Director CEMASTEA Mrs. Lydia Muriithi. In her remarks, the CEO underlined the importance of training young people for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century.

In attendance was Hon. Wesley Korir, Advisor to the Director on Africa Initiatives – for CEMC – University of Waterloo in Canada who encouraged the participants to uptake STEM subjects seriously to become problem solvers. He emphasized that boot camps of this nature provide a conducive environment to nurture resilience, problem solving and self-efficacy. These are skills that are essential for Africa’s development.

A step in the right direction

Locally made Robotics kit

As we continued to deliver, we noticed a major missing link, a great cause of imbalance relating to uptake of coding and robotics. There are very few robotics and coding kits available in Kenya. This triggers a question on accessibility and affordability. Many children have not had an opportunity to interact with a robotics/ coding kit due to their scarcity and high prices around. Many schools are still grappling with scarcity of computers or tablets and therefore coding is a major hurdle. With this need, we set off to fabricate a robotics kit that will help children learn coding from early ages. So far, it has been a great success having worked on the first prototype, in the near future, we will have an affordable coding kit locally accessible.

The kit has the following features