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This program is suitable for form 4 leavers and youths who have zero knowledge on coding but have unmatched interest and desire to create solutions around any sector whether health, agriculture, education, environment, entrepreneurship among others. Innovation is the real solution to the African problems and we believe that starting early provides the greatest opportunity. As well, we reiterate that everyone has unique abilities that can be tapped and help the world. When one creates a product, they will definitely get it to the market and have the locals easily access it. Eventually, more will be employed to meet the demand as we reduce on importation and grow the country to great levels.

The program works by empowering the youths through camps, and offering an opportunity for them to learn new technology. We then provide them with the required resources to help them build solutions that they patent under our guidance, then sponsor them through exhibitions. This will ultimately provide them a chance to access a pool of investors giving them the needed inspiration. We borrow much from the developed economies and it is our dream to replicate this locally. The following fall under this category

Advanced Computer specialists

The easiest way to make

ESP32 Makers

The ESP32 is a great development solutions for makers. With ideal capabilities, one can use it to actualize a dream project. This program introduces youths to the ESP32 microcontroller, takes them through important concepts to give them the power to imagine and create. We don’t teach innovation, we only inspire anyone to innovate!
Those who intend to venture into Internet of Things find their way easily with this controller.

The easiest way to innovate

Getting started with Arduino

Ideas can only become meaningful when they undergo the full design cycle. The Arduino platform is a great solution for tech enthusiasts who desire to create protypes to test their concepts. Under this category, we take youths through the Arduino development platform (both hardware and software) and expose them to the world of unlimited imagination and prototyping. This unlocks their creativity to localize solutions and own them. It instils life-long learning culture and research opportunities as they open their minds.

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Home automation

The fast-paced technology has revolutionized many processes even around homes. People are now managing their homes remotely with well developed solutions. This should not only be a reality in other countries and a dream in Kenya. We take the bull by horns by introducing this to learners at the earliest opportunity. We provide them the opportunity to design different competitive applications that can be used across the globe.

The easiest way to robotize

Industrial automation

The current manufacturing and industrial sector is characterized by rapid application of technology. Most processes are automated to make it more efficient and productive. Generally, technology applies to every sector of the economy. At STEAM Interactive tech labs, we provide youths with the opportunity to design such applications for large scale uses while experimenting with already existing industries.

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Drone technology

The emergence of Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) has brought great transformation in different sectors. These have been applied in security surveillance, agriculture for crop monitoring and disease control, health for distributing medicines, general deliveries as well as photography. It is important to note that there is increasing demand for such devices due to their various uses.

The easiest way to innovate

Getting started with Embedded systems

An embedded system is a computer system—a combination of a computer processor, computer memory, and input/output peripheral devices—that has a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electronic system. The industry for embedded systems is expected to continue growing rapidly, driven by the continued development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), machine learning , deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The cognitive embedded system will be at the heart of such trends as: reduced energy consumption, improved security for embedded devices, cloud connectivity and mesh networking, deep learning applications, and visualization tools with real time data.